Land of Beauty

A project to open the eyes of people and let them realize that Africa has so much more beauty than any other land. It talks about culture, terrains, animals, and structures that can only be seen on their lands. Reading this has made Africa the number one continent for me to visit. 



Men's Fashion

Looking right of having the perfect outfit is always crucial. Tailored magazine talks about what every suit needs as well as what colors to wear together to make people wonder how to stay good looking. 


Capital One


A self-project in rebranding a company, the pick was Capital One. Creating a combination of colors and a design that would distinguish it from its competitors. The branding consists of a light and dark color to represent a company that is welcoming while also being firm and professional. 



Warz Brochure

Obtaining two random companies and creating some method in which the companies collaborated for a new project. My companies were Hershey's chocolate and dating site. The collaboration led to a chocolate war where people can make new friends through a new app in order to get people to go outside. 


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